Soul Agreements

''Important encounters
are planned by the souls
long before
the bodies see each other''

Paulo Coelho

By Nicoleta Sandu

🤔 Why did I met that guy? Why am I always getting hurt? 

🤔 My relationship is draining me out. I feel like he can be the ONE, but we are fighting each other most of the time. Is there any chance for us to get better? How?  

🤔 I had a passionate partner, but things didn’t work out because money was such a big issue between us. Now I am in another relationship, money is good, my boyfriend is nice but life is a bore. Is it posible that my first lover was my Soul-mate and we lost the opportunity of being together in this life-time?

🤔 I feel small in face of aggressivity, big money and show-offs. Is it truly possible to be abundant in this world? May I be abundant? What has my Soul to say about this?   

These are examples of the questions we answer to, in a session of 40 min

“Center your identity on the Soul and your life purpose will unfold”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

How do we get the answers? 

Our Souls want us to have the answers. We are not meant to just follow some destiny lines, blindly or without any guidance. 

We are meant to discover what makes us happy, then live a joyous, abundant life. 

At Soul Level we experience connection as oneness through Soul Agreements based on unconditional love. 

Why would Souls decide to embody and go through suffering and pain, if they can avoid any of this and keep their paradisiac states? 

Why do Souls decide to forget unconditional love or abundance, and embody to experience separation and lack? 

I asked myself this more than once and I came to the conclusion that there are more than one answer, to each question. 

One morning, some 5 years ago, I woke up feeling different. It was like my whole head was into another dimension. I had a sense of knowing, of being interconnected with everything there is. I noticed a sense of a Higher order and I wondered what was that. Even before forming a full question, I went through a deep knowing of the answer. I was experiencing unconditional love, that connects everything as One through Agreements.  

The second thing that I noticed was the existence of Completion. All that I could’ve wanted, was already experienced or was already mine. I felt in my whole being how there can be no unfulfilled want, nor unfulfilled desires. Within One, everything is completed, accomplished and fulfilled.  

The next thing that came up to my mind was how can you experience evolution if everything is already perfect and done? And before I even formed the question, the answer was there: 

–  By playing.

We embody in various roles and situations, then we play accordingly to these roles we assumed. 

While we are playing, our human interactions are sometimes based on limiting contracts that enable us to make the play more effective and real.  

We enter this world willing to forget for a while who we are – eternal, infinite beings of love – so that we can play as if we would have no power, or no money, or no love. We are willing to forget our Soul Agreements based on Unconditional Love, so that we can play like ”if they don’t love me, I won’t love them back”.    

If you wonder why would we do this, take a look at children’s lives: 

Playing is a natural state. Playing is growing with ease, trust and love. 

I go back to the Oneness experience whenever I need to remember these truths about our nature:

  • Everything that I want or dream of, is already mine
  • Allowing Joy into my life is allowing me to be authentic 
  • There is no need to struggle, I choose playfulness 
  • I am a powerful creator, I am perfect, I am enough, I am Love   

And so are YOU. 

Transform your Relationships,

with a Soul Agreements Reading

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