The need to achieve forged with the need to find myself in my way marked my life since childhood.

Although I composed my first poem at 6 years old, even before I knew how to write, although I wrote a love novel I chose (at least until now), not to publish. Though I loved the idea of being an actress, I chose not to act.

I considered that achievement naturally follows those who are connected to the material world, therefore I became a food engineer, an area of expertise from which I expected to get precise, “engineering-type” material safety. Instead, the complex mechanism of life continued to launch me deeper into my quest and the material world, into food commerce. I didn’t find there the haunted but most desired material satisfaction, nor the social statute and recognition I hoped for, nor the peace of mind which I longed for in the last years.

The decisions I took, both on a personal and professional plan, lead me to Bucharest, far away from loved ones and my family. Even though I understood that that was where my decisions were leading me, that didn’t mean the result suited me. Trying to find out what would take to be able to change situations I didn’t like and especially people with whom I wasn’t able to have the relationships I expected, I found out that I can pray. Something like: “you have a wish, you pray and your wish comes true”. I remember that I didn’t question a lot about what it seems to be the “enchanted lamp”. I just told myself: “ok, let’s try and do this” and I started to pray daily. I made a wish, I prayed for it and the wish came true but not in the way I expected it to. I remember even now the awe that dawned on me some days later: People around me did not change! The one that was changing was me! And the changes in me lead to changing the situations in my world. This understanding is the fuel of all my quests from that moment on.

I had the chance to learn from wonderful people and I thank them for the beautiful work they’ve done with me and others.

From Elena Neagu I learned to pray, I learned to be human and I learned that what I do for others is as important as what I do for myself.

From Alexandra Roman, I learned Reiki and much more. Firmly and swiftly she guided my steps on my path.

From Gabriella Vardai I learned Forgiveness and Love. Though there is nothing as big as forgiveness and love, I learned even more from Gabriella: communication.

And the great teacher of all: my mother, Maria, taught me, unconditional love.

The achievements list is not written yet. It just has begun. I feel like achievements and credits don’t belong entirely to one person, they need to be shared. And I will joyfully add on my achievements list all the people I’ll meet on my way, and I will enjoy the ride with them.