Building our Future

We are taught to choose and decide carefully when going to school when marrying when comes to our career.

But mostly we go through life unaware that we are making decisions all the time. I like to call them micro-decisions not to diminish their importance, but because they are not immediately visible to us, just as any micro-stuff.

We decide our life and our future continuously not only through conscious decisions but also through micro-decisions. By being unaware of this process we may fall easily into the trap of seeing ourselves as victims of other’s doings.

A first step to consciously build our future would be to embrace the idea that we already are CREATORS of our lives.

I was skinny most of my life. Then, after 40, I gained 10 kg in less than a year.
Initially, I blamed my genes, their timing, the food, my appetite, my habits, other people’s habits.
The extra weight stayed…
I wanted to regain my old body. I wanted to lose weight.
I went unprepared into this project, and my mind activated the fear of pain and sabotaged me, unconsciously, every step of the way.

My visual sense kept seeing that extra weight, making it hard to sustain a fluent visualization of a lighter version of me.

My heart pulsed on a frequency on which the ability to change was blocked.

And, most of all, I felt fat.

Then, of course, I had minimum results… I wasn’t able to think, act or feel myself other than fat.

Why? How was this possible? How did I go from skinny to fat? What happened to me?

Did I ”created” my body with the extra 1o kgs?
Around 40, I had some rough time. I lost people that I loved and I lost money.
Somewhere deep inside me, I felt weakened, so I took an unconscious decision to gain some weight.
Because to me, as for some of us, it feels like a person with more weight is likely to have more power.
It was my decision, even if I wasn’t aware of it on all levels. Thankfully, I became aware of it by understanding how energy works.

I don’t have to blame my age or the food or even my genetics for it anymore.
By understanding the energy, how I function and why, I don’t feel the urge to blame others or myself.
I made the conscious decision to be healthy and to express my Ideal Weight.
I am healthy. As for the weight, it is an ongoing process, it seems that my body is still adjusting itself, therefore my ideal weight is adjusting, too.
An interesting feeling came up, after understanding: feeling good in my skin., something that I never felt before, no matter how young or fit I was.
Then feelings of peace and calm: I can smile and relax into knowing that whatever I decide, it will manifest in my life.
Whenever we understand how we function, we have more conscious decisions, which means that we know: what do we want and why do we want it.
And these are the kind of decisions that fill our hearts with joy and our life with dreams coming true.


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