Did you know?

…Did you know that fulfilling your highest dreams means to express the purpose of your soul?

…Did you know that the power of your heart can be turned into healing you?

…Did you know that from within your heart you can set the direction of your life and you can learn how to set the direction towards your highest dreams?

The beauty of energy is that we don’t have to receive the answer to any of these questions.
Having the answer in our minds is not so important.

Rather, a question is more important than the answer itself.

My favorite question is this: ” What is possible for me, and my Soul wants me to become aware of it?”

I don’t try to answer it with my mind. I just let the question float in my mind, for a while…
Beautiful things happen each time: Possibilities emerge, Beliefs raise to a higher vibration, I feel touched by my Soul.


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