Feeling Love


I was dumped by a man whom I considered the love of my life.

5 years later I was afraid to feel love because it reminded me of him and the memories hurt.

Everybody told me to let him go, but nobody knew how.

Each time I tried to find someone to love, I felt pain, too.

I was so determined to feel love and enjoy my life!

When I started to do energy work and connect with my Soul, everything became clear.

I was able to release the past.

I experienced love, joy and peace.

Life became worth living!   

Now, I am choosing each day to:

           ֍ Feel Love without fearing that I will be hurt,

           ֍ Feel Love and loved even when I am alone,   

           ֍ Enjoy my Life more than ever before!

Love is a natural process so you can do this, too!


Offer yourself the amazing gift of

Feeling Love


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I spent 5 years alone and resigned, believing I am a victim.

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Feeling Love


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