My teacher, the kitchen sink

I love to cook, my boyfriend loves to be surrounded by friends, so we have friends over to dinner rather often in our home.

One of our friends noticed that I don’t have a kitchen sink filter and he kindly suggested that I should buy and use one, otherwise the plumbing might get clogged.

“Not interested. I barely used kitchen sink filters in any of the places in which I have lived, and I never had any problems”, I thought to myself. But in the next few days, I caught myself thinking differently:” Maybe I should just buy one of those sink filters”.

Please imagine my surprise, my annoyance, and my frustration when the plumbing got clogged one week later. No way this is happening to me!

I believe that we can learn from everything that shows up in our lives, even from the smallest thing.

I kept asking myself, the Universe and my boyfriend why was this happening.

The Universe answered promptly and quickly as he always is, but I couldn’t hear it through all my shouting and yelling.

My boyfriend’s answer was simple and audible: “Just relax. It’s a sink, not a world crisis. We’ll sort it out”.

It took me a while to quiet my emotions and then I heard the Universe’s answer: “This was possible because you accepted it in your creation as a possibility”.

I am Romanian. I was raised believing in jinx. When someone wishes you evil, when someone looks at you in a certain way, you may get sick. Looking at my clogged sink I was feeling my thoughts slowly going back to the jinx scenario. Each time my mind tried to get me there: you were jinxed, I pulled back. I refused to blame anyone else. I do my best to take responsibility for my thoughts, my feelings, my actions, my life – I wasn’t willing to blame others.

The maintenance guy came the next day and he found out that the blockage was somewhere in the main pipe, not related directly to me. The issue was solved! In the material plane.

In my mind, things were still fuzzy and unclear. It took me a while to figure it out.

I believed in what our guest told us might happen. By believing him, I came to the point of visualizing a clogged sink. By visualizing it, I lived the emotions of such an experience before the actual event took place. More than that, once in that “movie”, my mind went so far as to searching solutions for a problem that didn’t yet exist!

I accepted the truth of a guest in my thought and my life and I walked the main steps of creation: belief, visualize, feel the emotion of the result, live as though you got the result already.  

We see problems everywhere in the world. The minute we accept them when we believe that those problems may one day be ours, when we visualize ourselves through those problems, when we feel in us the pain of those problems, we open ourselves for those problems to become our reality.

Fortunately, there is also the need for focus, of recurrence and consistency to manifest realities.

So, we can watch horror movies without necessarily inviting those events into our own lives. We know that we are just watching a movie, not a reality.

The situation may change when we watch the news if we believe that what happened to others may happen to us.

The situation is different when trusted people come telling us that we may clog our sink, that X and Y are losing money or winning less and that there is a new monetary crisis waiting around the corner. “Of course, he’s right and this may happen anywhere anytime”, we may think. “ Because this happens all the time”, we may think.

And the minute we agree with these possibilities as being a general truth, we open a door for those possibilities to become real.

This is why observing ourselves, observing our thoughts, learning how we actually create realities, is so important:  to catch ourselves before we get the kitchen sink clogged.

We were taught to believe that we are victims of life, not partners in creation. We’d rather start hating our friends for jinxing us than look honestly into ourselves: where and when and how did I agree on creating this situation?

So, now I smile each time I get myself in front of my kitchen sink and I feel grateful: thank you for this beautiful lesson! Wow, how amazing it is, that I manifest all that I believe in. I am a wonderful being and I am grateful for the journey that is my life.


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