#1 My Vibrations…Or Not?


We are Energy, we Vibrate, we seek Accord and Connection. We want to Sync.

A couple of years ago,  a client of mine was on the brink of divorcing her husband, after 10 years of marriage.

Ada complained that her husband changed dramatically in the last year, she feared that he was cheating on her, and she felt that there was no love left between them.

In our meeting, after a couple of sentences, Ada asked me:

– ”My mother-in-law moved into town last year. Is this the problem? Is she interfering between me and my husband”?

I remember that I took a couple of breaths. I wanted my best potentials at hand to describe my point of view on the situation, and I said this to Ada:

– We are like musical instruments, singing our songs. Songs of thoughts, emotions, and actions – because everything is energy and vibration.

When your husband is with you, he sings the tunes of your family. He sings the songs that you are used to. You two sing together. Maybe sometimes you feel the sync, the connection. Sometimes you don’t. But you keep singing your songs and you keep working to sync as a family.

When he goes to his mother, he remembers their own family song. With her, he will always be her little son. We can be children to our parents even after we grew old. It is a gift of love beyond time.

You know that sometimes you hear a song and you keep humming that song in your mind?

Well, in a similar way, your husband comes back home from his mothers, and he is still humming the songs of his childhood, although he came home to you.

But he comes back home singing a different kind of song that yours.

And the questions here are, do you like that he’s singing a different song? With someone else as a family?

Do you like how his music sounds?

How does his music make you feel?

– ”Hmm, I don’t like him to sing with his mother, if you put it this way. We worked a lot to become the family we are today. His parents were usually nice but they weren’t nice to each other.  His mother and father had a difficult marriage. I don’t want anything like that to be added to our kind of music.

I guess that I fear that he will change too much if he will be with his mom often”, said Ada…

– He is the same,  he is your husband. He just carries with him the vibrations of his old family, the family he had with his parents.

We can carry songs that we sing only at work, and we can carry different songs that we sing with different people.

That doesn’t change us.

It just helps us realize who we are.

The most important thing is to take time to sync with ourselves.

We are not the music we sing with, or for others.

We are the music inside us, the One that we feel, hear, sing with all our body, heart, soul and mind”.


Take a walk in nature, spend some time with yourself. Feel yourself.

Sync with you! Sync with your Soul.

Being connected with your Soul means being connected with your Life Purpose,

Being in Sync with your Soul means having a life of Abundance and Fulfillment.











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