Soul Empowering Hour


This session is 1 hour long. You choose the subject of the session.

The session is guided by your Higher Self, for your Highest Good.




Each of us is testing in some way his/her ability to create a fulfilling life.
We live in blame & shame cultures and one of the default settings of our cultures is to assign blame when we don’t get what we want.

We may blame ourselves or we may blame others…  Blame is oftentimes embedded in the ways we view life, we think about ourselves and others, we feel about the world.

The funny thing about blame is that it may keep us stuck in a loop of NOT getting results.

Blame likes to say: ” I am not and I cannot get results, because of …”.

It’s like we are asking the Universe: ” Please, please, I am asking you NOT to fulfill my desire! I don’t want results because I have a bigger, deeper desire: I want to postpone my achievements so that I can blame…”

In a Soul Empowering session, we leap beyound blame, beyond loss, beyond old perspectives to HIGHER VIBRATIONS of LIGHT&LOVE, to Soul Perspectives of Respect, Appreciation, Love, Freedom.

There is neither blame, nor shame at Soul Level, there is only unconditional Love.

When you embrace your true nature, being human and Soul altogether, you can change how you view yourself and the world.

When you view yourself and the world differently, you may freely and lovingly CREATE WHAT YOU LOVE AND DESIRE.