SSC Coaching

Superconscious Self Coaching – SSC – was written and created by Erika Laszlo under the umbrella of SzuperC Limited and it is a unique coaching system, launched in 2014. SSC it is a gentle coaching system which brings us clarity through knowledge and understanding.

SSC connects us with SuperConscious, the Consciousness for which different people are using different names: Higher Self, Spirit, Universal Wisdom, Source or The Inner Voice.

SSC contains words organized in over 60 tables. The intuitive connection with the SuperConscious, guided by a pendulum takes us from one word to another, writing our story and unveiling a clear map of stuck energies we are holding within us.

Once we read the story and unveiled the map, we understand the stuck energies and therefore we have the choice to consciously transform them in love based energies. The transformation of stuck energies into free and love based energies helps you and supports you to become whole and balanced.

On the SSC chart we follow the lead of our life’s story and we find it defined in clear words in SSC tables:  Why Is It Happening?, Where is the issue situated in our energetic structure, which is our current Emotional Vibration and What Is That I Attract?

Universal Laws are governing both our inner and our outward life. Our Attitudes, even when born out of Fears may be understood and transformed in love based energies. We all have Needs and Necessities, Personal Motivators, Value, Priorities in Lifestyle and Life Patterns which we repeat over and over again. Once we understand why we unconsciously acted in certain ways, we can decide consciously for ourselves; we can decide if and when we want to transform the stuck energy and by that to change those action patterns.

We make Vows and Promises to others or to ourselves, and in Relations we play Roles because we got used to wear masks. With SSC we get to know our true selves beyond any mask, we get to understand who we are and we get to choose who we are.

SSC unfolds Transformation, Love, Forgiveness, Fulfillment.   

 “Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we can be”                 ( Tony Robbins).

SSC helps us identifying what Beliefs serve us to achieve our goals and what beliefs are actually preventing us from achieving our goal, whatever the category of that goal is.

Whether we want to improve our Health and Fitness, Relationships, Wealth and Abundance, Self-Esteem, Career, Family, Spiritual or whether we want to Achieve a goal, SSC reminds and reconnects us with our creative force, guides our Creation Steps and gives us Guidance to set our course on a balanced Path of Life.