The Authenticity Series, Part 2

In the Authenticity Series, Part 1, I share that:


-We think that parts of us make us unsuitable for the world in which we want to fit.

-We chose to dismiss those traits and hide them from the world.

-We set ourselves in an “I am not Enough” mode, by hiding who we are.

                Hiding who we are, hiding that we are Unique.

Our reasons for doing it are understandable!

We feel that it would be easier to be accepted if we are more like others.

We are afraid that we won’t be appreciated if we honestly show who we are, to the world.

We think that it would be easier to be loved if we hide that we’re different.

We crave connection and love and we believe that we will get it if we are like the rest of the world.

And we did hide those parts and traits for so long, that we started to forget what it means for us to be us.

My mother loved to work hard. She had it in her blood. My grandparents loved to work hard. So when I grew up, skinny and shy and fragile, writing poems and being a dreamer, my mother got scared.

“What would you eat, when you’ll be a grown-up? Your poems? Your dreams?’’

And she meant good. From her point of view, people who work hard, have money. People who work hard, have something to eat. Of course, she was worried about me. Mothers usually are.

But, in time, while growing up, I thought that she was right.

I got afraid that there is something wrong with me because I wasn’t what she taught me to be.

I started to make more choices that pleased my parents. I started to make the choices that my parents thought to be safer for me.

Instead of following my passion for writing and poems and literature, I chose to shut down my passion and follow chemistry and mathematics.

Instead of following my passion for theatre, I chose to shut down that passion and become an engineer.

I became an engineer, and I practiced for one month. After one month, I chose to quit. It wasn’t for me.

And it took me more than 10 years to find myself back.

I spent 6 years of learning and preparing for a craft that wasn’t suitable for me and 5 more years to remember the truth of my Soul: to dream, to love and to write.

With love and writing and dreaming, and more important with the energy of my Soul, I discovered that I am enough and that there is enough value within writing, and dreaming, and loving.   

What part or trait that makes you YOU, is still shut down in yourself?

What would the aliveness of that part bring into your life?

What keeps you from feeling whole with all your beautiful traits?


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