The Authenticity Series – Part 3

The previous post of the series ends with 3 questions,

1. What part or trait that makes you YOU, is still shut down in yourself?

2. What keeps you from feeling whole with all your beautiful traits?

3. What would the aliveness of that part bring into your life?


 If we feel ashamed of any part of ours, we will try to hide it, from us and from others.

If we blame us for being daring, bold, for being passionate, what do we do? Do we allow our passion to guide us?

       Or, do we allow our blame to put down the fire of our passions?

If you have thoughts like: ”I wish I was different”, ” I wish I was better with money”, ”I wish I was smarter or more beautiful or more intuitive” or whatever, is you blaming yourself for who you are.

If others blame or criticize you for something, and you tend to be a people pleaser, it may very well be that you prefer to hide and shut down bits of yourself, in an attempt to please others and be at peace with them.

2. We are different because through us being different, the world is enriched. We are smart, our way. We are beautiful, our way. We are unique. And world needs us, unique as we are.

When I started working as a coach, I asked myself this question a lot. There are a lot of intuitive people out there. Actually, what I teach people is that all of us can learn how to tap into its own fountain of intuition and knowledge. ”So, being me, or being unique, it’s not so important”, were my thoughts.

And I was wrong.

Because, through my gifts, I was the one who was able to reach to certain people: my friends, my neighbors, my family and my clients.

And you are the one who is able to be there for yours. Not to save them. Because that is their choice.

But to show yourself as beautiful as you are, so they will have the courage to be as beautiful as they are.

To show yourself as smart as you are, so they will have the courage to be as smart as they are.

To show yourself as bold and loving as you are, so they will the courage to be creative and determined and true.

3. Because the answer to question 3 is that through this, through being yourself and unique:

You are changing the world, YOUR WORLD, for the better. 

And no one else can do this, but you.

Maybe you are still waiting that those around will make a change and from that change, your world will be better.

Doesn’t work this way because each of us is responsible for its reality. Nobody knows better than you how your world should look like. Each of us knows its part. And each of us is responsible for its own.

Don’t wait any longer, let all parts grow into YOU. And your world will start changing as a mirror of you.

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